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Károly Eszterházy College

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Count Károly Eszterházy who our college is named by came to Eger in 1762 after having been appointed bishop of Eger. The well-educated bishop started hard work to fulfil his dreams. He was determined to create an architectural, spiritual and educational centre int he town. His most lasting deed was to establish the building called Lyceum even nowadays.

"Nothing could have made my soul happier... because when I founded this lyceum and finished at big expenses I did it for nothing else but for our beloved homeland, for public advance, so that here in the home of Muses citizens faithful to the king and useful for the country can be shaped." - he said.

His idea was to establish a university with four faculties to give knowledge for people. The Lyceum has been the center of education since 1774, sometimes through hardships but always full of enthusiasm. A strange irony of fate is that late descendents, the generation of the 21th century has to fulfill the dream of the bishop.

A late successor of the imagined four faculties is Faculty of Natural Sciences which is a determined disseminator, headquarters of higher education in the region. Monumentality of the Lyceum is counter-poled by the Campus, home of Faculty of Natural Sciences, an attractive, high level place located on Almagyar hill.

Basic disciplines of classical Natural Sciences, like Biology, Geography, Environmental Sciences, Chemistry and Mathematics are in peaceful harmony with programmer, sports organizer and physical education trainer Bsc courses. Modern building of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics abundant in computers and robots is a great part of the vivid, lively with students complex of organic and inorganic Natural Sciences.

Thanks to our higher level education we have started teacher majors as well in the recent years, so students can also choose Geography-, Informatics-, Chemistry-, Mathematics and Physical education teacher Master courses.

It is well-known that we learn not for the school, but for life, so great emphasis is given to our corporate connections: firms of the region are welcome, so our students make their way in life. Direct connections are also supported by our post secondary courses. Our students learning to be food processing managers, wine technicians, herb and spice-plant growers and processors, waste management technicians, logistic technical manager assistants and web programmers are contended with our courses.

A national forerunner of food safety researches, EGERFOOD Regional Knowledge Centre is a bridge between education and researches in Natural Sciences and a possibility that we be outstanding in not only education but applied sciences as well.

We have our roots in the dreams of bishop Károly Eszterházy and symbolically Magic Tower, related to the Faculty of Natural Sciences is situated in the Lyceum with its mysteries, peculiarities, stars of the astronomy rooms to fascinate late heirs of Einstein.

We strongly believe in our position on the educational map of Europe, so big emphasis is placed on language learning to understand what is said to us and to be able to say if we have something to say. High level education is encouraged by human atmosphere and creative communities. Well-being is supported by outstanding sports facilities, active every days and sunny location on the hillside.

Dr. Kálmán Liptai

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